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Creative Living

Jun 24, 2019

Textile designer, Lydia Crespo, talks about the art and chemistry behind her work and why you might find her collecting produce scraps from the local grocery store. 

With a name like Lydia, learn why she was born to work with natural dyes from the start. 

May 20, 2019

Fashion designer, sewing educator, author, and host of It's Sew Easy, Angela Wolf explains how experts never stop learning! And why fishing has her hooked! Learn how Angela keeps her entrepreneurial spirit alive and how you can too.   

Apr 22, 2019

Celebrity Chef Graham Elliott talks art, music, photography and why he's living his most creative life.  Jane discovers how Willie Wonka inspired this top chef, and how to live by the motto, "If it's not broken, break it!" 


Mar 25, 2019

Jane is joined by America's Test Kitchen's Gadget Guru, Lisa McManus, to talk which  equipment and what ingredients are must have in the kitchen!  

Feb 25, 2019

Save granny's fine china and then trade a few settings with your friends because what's old is new again!  Home and Design Writer for the Washington Post, Jure Koncius, talks to Jane about the latest trends in creative tablescaping!