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Creative Living

Apr 25, 2022

Jane chats with HSN Craft Expert, Beth Kingston about the joy of creating.   Beth explains how trying new creative activities can help you discover something about yourself, and she says everyone has a creative talent to share.  Beth is encouraging you to stop putting limits on what creativity really is.  

We learn how Beth discovered her own creative niche, and how her path to selling crafts on television started.  Beth gives a peek behind the curtain on what life is like as the craft expert on the Home Shopping Network.

We get the answer to the big question, to purge or not to purge?! Beth shares her secret on how to clean up your space while helping others.  Beth also talks about the ups and downs of launching her Kingston Crafts brand in the middle of the pandemic and the tremendous success she’s learned thru it all.

Beth dishes on her new creative passions outside of “work” and how she finds joy in crafting for herself.  She explains why scrapbooking is not only a fulfilling activity, but also a good lesson for the kids in your life.  

And finally, Beth leaves us with her words of wisdom on how to get creative and it’s all about finding the joy.

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