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Creative Living

May 22, 2023

Katie Lee Biegel is the co-host of The Kitchen on the Food Network, and the host of Beach Bites on the Cooking Channel, she's an author, a frequent question on morning show tv, and today, celebrity chef Katie Lee Biegel joins Jane on Creative Living to talk all things food, wine, family and love!

Katie Lee talks about the success of hosting season 34th of The Kitchen alongside Sonny Anderson, Geoffrey Zakarian, Marcela Valladolid, and Jeff Mauro.  She shares heartwarming sentiments about the team who, she says, feels like extended family members.

3:55 -- Before The Kitchen Katie Lee dabbled in television but when she was ready to throw in the towel, it was an unexpected call that got her the job at the Food Network.  A friend urged her to audition for this “new show" called The Kitchen... and she listened.


5:25 -- Learn why Katie Lee is open to taking chances and finding opportunities to see where they lead which, we learn, is how she met her husband.


7:32 -- Katie Lee gives us an unexpected ingredient she loves to use in her cooking and why you should use it too.


7:46 -- As a busy mom Katie Lee shares her favorite cooking technique that’s quicker, easier and less mess!


9:54 -- Katie Lee discusses wine and food pairing and why we shouldn’t stress about what pairing makes sense. She says, at the end of the day, it's all about what you enjoy, and what you want to drink.


13:59 -- Learn about Katie Lee’s signature wine with Coopers Hawk and why blending a bright crisp Rose is what you should be drinking this summer.


19:08 -- We know Katie Lee loves her comfort food so she shares a secret family recipe from her grandmother which she is still trying to perfect.


20:31 -- Katie Lee gives us two things you must have at a summer barbecue and what to bring if you’re the guest!


21:10 -- Katie Lee is on the Board of the food bank for New York City and talks about the importance encourage of volunteering and giving back to the community.


24:13 -- As the author of 4 cookbooks, Katie Lee is also a novelist and recently had her book made into a Hallmark movie!  Check out “Groundswell” for more information.


25:57 -- Katie Lee gives her advice to those who want to explore the idea of cooking as a creative outlet and simply says, get comfortable, always read your recipe from start to finish, and build your confidence.


Creativity and Katie Lee are both essential ingredients in the kitchen and in your cooking.  So listen now to the Creative Living Podcast for more, watch her shows, follow her ion Instagram, buy one of her cookbooks, and get creative in the kitchen with Katie Lee Biegel.