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Creative Living

Jun 6, 2022

Jane chats with quilt designer and pattern maker, Chris Marchini from Rose City Originals, about the creativity behind quilting and how he takes it one stitch at a time.  

Adding his own unique spin to quilt design, Chris Marchini is a social media star and says being a disrupter in the quilting world is not intentional, it's just who he is; skulls, Ouija Boards, poison apples and all.... he's just getting started. 

And he shares his TOP TIPS when it comes to quilting. The biggest secret, it all comes out in the wash! 

Plus, why you shouldn't be afraid of the "Quilt Police" and what to do when you find that unicorn fabric! 

Finally, learn how Chris hopes to create a legacy by leaving a modern take on this classic art.   

All that and more in this thoughtful conversation about quilting.