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Creative Living

Jun 26, 2023

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. And when it comes to creativity laughter might just be one of the pillars. Jane’s guest on this episode of Creative Living knows how to bring the funny and add the creativity to laughter!  Jane chats and chuckles with the owner of The Laughing Academy, Kim Hiller. 

Here is a round down of the conversation and quick access to hot topics! 


Jane Curtain was an inspiration to Kim and her brand of comedy motivated this budding actress to get into the business of funny.



Learn what it means to be funny and how being “in the moment” can be the best way to get a laugh.  Kim explains why what you consider “normal” can be more amusing than a one liner.



 What comes first? Being creative to be funny, or if you must being funny to be creative? Why being trained in improvisation can be the answer when you mix creativity and action; it’s seeing something outside the box.



Why optimism is more important than IQ to success. And if you have optimism, you can see the good in any situation and it all starts with learning how to improv. Kim shares a lesson from her time at Chicago’s famous, Second City.



There are no mistakes when you are being creative and no shame, no blame are two phrases used to encourage creativity and improv skills.



Improv can help you in all aspects of life from being a good friend, a good teammate, a good worker to personal goals and creativity. Kim encourages everyone to foster their Improv skills and help teach other along the way.




Never say you can’t because mental gymnastics, mind agility and attitude simply learning how to implement a way of thinking and it just takes practice, practice, practice.  



How can someone be more creative? Allow yourself to brainstorm, take a walk, allow your brain to explore, see different things. listen to podcasts you love. read articles that interests you. Because it’s the creative part of it is your brain making these connections from separate thoughts. Remember, we are human beings, not human doings so we all need to take some time to just be.



Why humor at its core is us looking at something in an alternative way. Try creating a pun to get started; draw new parallels to the way you look at things.



Top 3 takeaways that we can all do today to be lighter and lovely or in funnier and spread creativity everywhere we go.


You want more Kim Hiller just go to the Laughing  Or check out their YouTube page for improv games and exercises you can do on your own, just put the laughing Academy in the search bar and check