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Creative Living

Aug 12, 2022

Cultural anthropologist and author, Grant McCracken, joins Jane Clauss for an in-depth discussion about the artisanal revolution and how makers are playing a major role in today's economy.

In Grant's latest book, The Return of the Artisan: How America went from Industrial to Handmade, he explains how the maker's movement is sweeping the nation, why big business is welcoming it, and how you can successfully be a part of it.

Grant tells us why the artisan economy can live happily with industrial capitalism and what it means to be a creative disruptor.

Anyone and everyone can be an artisan in today's world so Grant shares his knowledge about this current cultural shift responsible for transforming the big business model. 

This is a conversation you don't want to miss. Grant gives artisinalpreneurs hope for the future and assurance for today. 

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