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Creative Living

Aug 12, 2022

Cultural anthropologist and author, Grant McCracken, joins Jane Clauss for an in-depth discussion about the artisanal revolution and how makers are playing a major role in today's economy.

In Grant's latest book, The Return of the Artisan: How America went from Industrial to Handmade, he explains how the maker's...

Jul 15, 2022

Listen now to hear one of America's most popular television chefs, Carla Hall, talk about Soul Food, saying YES!, her most recent restaurant collab, making quilts out of paper, and season 2 of the Gossip Girl reboot.... yes, she's got a role in the show! 

During the show you might start feeling a strong craving for...

Jul 2, 2022

Jane chats with DIY designer, Sara Vetser, about sustainability in fashion.  Sara is passionate about upcycling and uses 100% of repurposed garments in her “slow fashion” brand, SAV_NYC.  Sara’s mission is to educate and engage her audience to create green clothing choices.

In this conversation, Sara explains why...

Jun 6, 2022

Jane chats with quilt designer and pattern maker, Chris Marchini from Rose City Originals, about the creativity behind quilting and how he takes it one stitch at a time.  

Adding his own unique spin to quilt design, Chris Marchini is a social media star and says being a disrupter in the quilting world is not...

May 7, 2022

Jane talks with AP News Writer Melissa Rayworth about her research on home decor trends and how you might just find those trends in a box or under a sheet in your attic. 

Melissa shares the inspiration behind the topic of "hand me down" décor and how the world is more open to "hand me down" items than ever...