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Creative Living

May 7, 2022

Jane talks with AP News Writer Melissa Rayworth about her research on home decor trends and how you might just find those trends in a box or under a sheet in your attic. 

Melissa shares the inspiration behind the topic of "hand me down" décor and how the world is more open to "hand me down" items than ever before. 

Jane and Melissa talk about how to avoid those nasty supply chains issues by simply using old items you already have, and making them new to you again.

In the conversation, Melissa gives us tips on how you can display precious family heirlooms and celebrate the life of the item. Plus, she shares what designers are saying about not following the rules but rather doing what makes you happy when it comes to home décor.

They cover the list of what hand me down items might be waiting for you in the attic, basement, storage unit or garage, and what to look for at a thrift store or estate sale.

Find out where to take big design risks in your home decorating? How to take the next steps to getting creative with your hand me down finds? And learn a top designer tip on how to remember the memory of a hand me down item before you repurpose it.  

Melissa has been reporting on home décor trends since 2008 and is sharing all the insider tips and tricks she's learned over the years. 

As a rule of thumb, Melissa says, when it comes to getting creative with your home décor, remember to make it feel more like you than anything else.

Thank you for listening to Creative Living and enjoy the show!